Kids'-Q, May 3 • Check-in @ 5pm


Kids'-Q contestants will use as much creativity as possible for Grill Masters’ (ages 10 and under) to grill Ground Beef and Pit Masters’ (ages 11-15) to grill 6 Chicken Thighs to the best of their abilities.


Contestants are provided a table for all utensils, supplies, and area to prepare meat.


Portable grills are provided and given to each contestant to take home after competition along with a logo'd apron and contest metal.


Meat and charcoal is also provided.


Teams must provide lighting agent, matches/lighter, utensils, seasoning/marinade, water and garnish if desired. It is the responsibility of the adult to maintain a clean and safe environment.


Adults will tend the heat source, handle knives and check meat for doneness.


Contestants are responsible for shaping and seasoning meat.


Entry Fee & Ages

Entry Fee is $20 per team

Kids-Q open to ages 6-10 & 11-15


Registration open to the first 10
applicants in each category.

Contestants must meet age requirement
at time of contest on May 3, 2019.

2019 Kids-Q  Schedule


5:00pm – Check-In

5:30pm – Start Grilling

7:00pm – Ground Beef Due

7:10pm – Chicken Thighs Due

7:45pm – Awards


Mail Entry Form &
Check to:

Mark Musser

BBQ Teams Dept.

11937 S. Memorial

Bixby, OK 74008-2030

The Rotary Club of Bixby meets every Tuesday at  Michael V's Restaurant

103rd & Memorial •